WE ARE HERE - LesBiTrans in China: Film & Debate with Lala Pioneers Shi Tou & Mingming

WE ARE HERE  De "Lala" Vrouwenbeweging - LesBiTrans in China (English: See Below)
Een avond met Chinese filmmakers, artiesten en "lala" (LBT) pioniers Shi Tou en Mingming.

Dinsdag 17 november om 19.30u stellen Shi Tou en Ming Ming hun documentairefilm "We Are Here" voor in Het Roze Huis Antwerpen, en praten ze met de aanwezigen over hun activisme rond Lesbische, Biseksuele en Transgender issues in China.
De documentaire "We Are Here" neemt je mee naar de geboorte van de "lala" (LBT) vrouwenbeweging in China. 300 lesbische feministen van over de hele wereld kwamen samen in 1995 op de Wereldvrouwenconferentie in Peking. Ze richtten een lesbisch conferentieforum op, doken het Peking nachtleven in, en vormden zo mee de grondslag van een georganiseerd Chinees activisme rond Lesbische, Biseksuele en Transgender issues. De documentaire toont hoe de Chinese "lala" beweging zich verder ontwikkelde tijdens de komende twintig jaar, en brengt hulde aan de "lala" heldinnen van gisteren en vandaag.

Na de film gaan Shi Tou en Ming Ming een open gesprek aan met het publiek over de Chinese "lala" beweging, hun film, en hun activistische kunstenaarsbestaan in China. Het gesprek wordt gemodereerd / vertaald door Stijn Deklerck (PhD, Sinologie, KUL).

Plaats: Het Roze Huis, Draakplaats 1, 2018 Antwerpen
Tijd:    Dinsdag 17 november, 19.30u - 21.30u
Ticket:    Vrije inkom - geen reservatie verplicht


The Lala LBT (Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans) Movement in China

An evening with Chinese filmmakers, artists and lala pioneers Shi Tou and Mingming.

On Tuesday 17 November, 19.30pm, Shi Tou and Mingming present their documentary "We Are Here" at Het Roze Huis in Antwerp, and engage the audience in a discussion on their activism surrounding Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender issues in China.

Place: Het Roze Huis, Draakplaats 1, 2018 Antwerpen
Time:    Tuesday 17 november, 19.30u - 21.30u
Ticket:    Free entry - no reservation needed


Dir.: Shi Tou, Jing Zhao
60 min., 2015, China
Chinese, English subtitles

What happens when 300 lesbians from around the world attend the largest United Nations conference? How did two busloads of lesbians headed to an underground nightclub help spark the birth of a lala (LBT) movement in China?
At the 1995 Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, the first ever lesbian tent at an UN NGO Forum was created. At the tent, ideas were shared, connections were made, identities were assured . . . with a growing emergence of energy for change. Outspoken lesbian feminist leaders rallied around the statement, “Lesbian Rights are Human Rights,” as the issue of women’s sexual orientation was made visible for the first time on such a significant global stage.
Emerging from hidden shadows of shame and invisibility, Chinese lalas began a hard-fought path of deliverance from themselves, from family, and from an apprehensive environment. In doing so, they sought empowerment and change as they explored concepts and issues from self-affirmation to rights consciousness. The film powerfully moves forward to the present day and shows the drastic change in today’s young feminist lalas - their challenging of sexism and homophobia with daring public street actions on subways – a parallel action to their forerunners in 1995, with much vigor and defiance 20 years later.


Hailed as “one of the most outstanding female artists in contemporary China”, the pioneering and versatile SHI TOU, a professional painter-photographer-actor-filmmaker, has been actively performing and exhibiting internationally since 1992. She is the first woman to come out openly as a lesbian in Mainland China. Her leading role in Fish and Elephant (Yu Li, 2001) helped this first feature-length Chinese lesbian film win prizes at the Venice, Berlin and Toronto film festivals in 2001.
Her films and art works have been shown in many film festivals and exhibitions all around the world. Shi Tou is also the Co-coordinator of China Queer Independent Films since 2008.

MINGMING is a professional artist working with photography and independent film. She is most famous for her films, which include "Women Fifty Minutes", "Gang Xiang", and "We Want to Get Marriage". Her films have appeared in many film festivals in China, Taiwan, Europe and the United States. Her film "Dream on the Wall" won the Gold Award at the 2010 Chinese Documentary Festival (Hong Kong).

STIJN DEKLERCK, PhD, is the producer of the Chinese LGBT webcast Queer Comrades (www.queercomrades.com) and the administrative director of the Beijing Gender Health Education Institute (bghei.org). Travelling between Belgium and China, he works as an "activist researcher" in the Chinese LGBT community, and teaches at the universities of Leuven and Liège.